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  The online gaming industry is booming! Why? It's fast, fun, and convenient. You do not need any travel arrangements or accommodations to gamble. In fact, you don't even need to leave your home or office. Millions of online gamblers world wide are pointing and clicking for dollars, playing cards, betting on sports and pouring virtual cash into Video poker machines daily.

  Today there are over 800 online sportsbooks and casinos operating in more than 20 countries world wide. There are several reputable Internet Gaming Sites online to chose from that are safe and secure to gamble with. With the latest technological advances in gaming software your selection process will only be tougher. Software is now more user-friendly and faster than it's ever been. Casino's Online are now available in Flash, Java, and 3-D graphics. Download or No Download it's now your choice. Sportsbooks are now offering large betting boards with lines on all European and American sporting events, daily on-line horse racing on multiple tracks, lower bet limits, exotic betting, and 24/7 service phone or internet. Players can now have an account set up and funded within minutes online or over the phone!

  If you are looking for someone to gamble with we suggest you take a few minutes to go through our site before making a selection, be sure to select a site that suits ALL your gaming needs. Visit our site directory to view our registered members, all members have provided us with background information and site descriptions, all have been verified and endorsed by our council. Integrity, honesty and reliability is what we look for when selecting members. The Internet Gaming Council (IGC) is an independent "watchdog" agency that monitors internet gambling sites. Our purpose is to provide online gamblers information to help find a reputable and reliable Internet Gambling Site.

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