Save Money Gambling

Most of us do not win money at an online casino. We may win from time to time. But most times over the long run, players lose more than they win. Some decide to simply save money and stop gambling. If you decide to save money stop gambling, you can find yourself a but richer. How much? Here’s a look at some figures.

How Much Can You Save?

How much you can save when you refrain from gambling depends on one major factor. That is, how much you tend to lose. Gambling loses can add up quickly and without notice. That’s because most people don’t track how much they spend at an online casino. In addition, it’s human tendency to forget loses and embellish winnings.

Let’s say you spend and lose an average of $10.00 per day and you spend a few hours each day at an online casino. $10.00 each day adds up to $70.00 per week and $280.00 per month. How much is that per year? It totals $3,640.00 per year! Did you win any cash? Let’s say you won about $500.00 during the year. That would make your losses for the year $3140.00.

That’s a lot of money! Yet, you’re only spending $10.00 per day. Most people spend that alone on breakfast and lunch each day. It does not seem like a lot of money, but it obviously adds up.

What to do with the Money

If you save money and stop gambling, you’ll have a lot more cash than you usually do. What can you do with $3,140.00? Here are a few ideas.

Go on a vacation.
Buy a new HDTV.
Get out more often.
Save it for the kid’s college fund.
Buy your special partner a special gift.
Contribute to a charity.
You can make a lot of good things happen when you save money and stop gambling.

It’s Your Choice
When you come down to it no one can make you stop gambling. It’s all up to the individual. A great motivating factor can be the fact that you save money when you stop gambling. So do it—stop gambling save money. You’ll be able to share that extra cash with your family and you may even find some new exciting things to do. At the very least, you’ll have a little more pocket change than you did before.