Stop Gambling Tips

If you have a gambling problem, then you owe it to yourself, friends and family to stop gambling. You may need to stop gambling monetarily or you may need to give it up altogether. Here’s a consideration of both scenarios and some stop gambling tips.

Short Term Break
What are the signs that you need a short-term break? Here are a few that indicate that you should stay away from your favorite online casino for some period of time. It could be a day, week or month.

• You’re not having fun.
• You’re starting to shut out friends and family.
• You are playing every day.
• You’re betting a little more than you should.
• You’re getting frustrated and losing a lot.

Tips on Taking a Break
Here are a few stop gambling tips for the short-term.

• When taking a break find something else to do with your time.
• Connect with friends and family.
• Extend your break. If you feel you need a week then take two.
• Transfer all money out of your online account for the time you’re not playing.
• Only use your computer for work and/or the business of running your houshold.

Stopping Forever
If you are addicted to gambling, then you have a real problem. She signs of addiction, which are rarely recognized or acknowledged by the addict, are various.

• Gambling is more important than anyone or anything else.
• You have to play no matter what.
• You get a massive rush from the risk of gambling.
• You cannot set or adhere to limits in terms of money and time spent.
• You are gambling yourself and others into the poor house.

If this is you, then you must address the problem. Here are some stop gambling tips.

Stop Gambling Tips

• Seek help from Gamblers Anonymous, a trained therapist or a treatment center.
• Close all of your online accounts at casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks.
• Get educated on addiction and how it works.
• Seek out friends and family to help you.
• One day at a time (as they say).

It’s All About Control
When you come down to it, the ability to stop gambling at an online casino is all about the player taking control. If you can control when you gamble, how much you spend and quitting, then chances are you do not have a problem. However, if you find yourself out of control in terms of money, time and need, then you’ll want to consider the stop gambling tips in this article. Take control of your life today.